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When Can I Remarry After Divorce in California?

The Law Office of Richard M. Abdallah April 26, 2024

Divorce is a profoundly personal and often complicated experience. It's a process that demands patience, resilience, and a solid understanding of the law.  

The good news is, if you live in Sacramento, California, you have access to the guidance of The Law Office of Richard M. Abdallah. My firm dedicates itself to supporting clients across Placer County, San Joaquin County, El Dorado County, Yolo County, Solano County, and Alameda County. 

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Understanding Divorce and Remarriage in California 

As an attorney practicing since 2012, there’s something most clients ask me before or after they successfully power through their divorce – when can I remarry after divorcing in California?  

Unfortunately, like a lot of legal issues, the answer is not as straightforward as you might hope. Here's what you need to know: 

The Legal Timeline 

According to California law, you cannot remarry until your divorce is finalized, which typically takes at least six months from the time your spouse is served with the divorce papers. 

There are two reasons for this waiting period: first, it gives couples time to reconsider their decision. Divorce is a life-altering choice, and the state believes a period of reflection can be helpful. Second, it provides a clear timeline for the completion of divorce proceedings.  

Many clients find it reassuring, knowing that there is an end in sight where you can legally close one chapter of your life and begin anew. 

But why six months? Well, this is to ensure all parties have plenty of time to resolve issues such as property division, child support, and custody arrangements before moving forward. It also serves as a time to reflect, grow, and understand what you want for your future. 

The Final Decree 

You need to know the exact date your marriage will be legally over to figure out when you will be free to remarry. Your marriage is officially terminated only when the final decree or judgment of divorce is stamped by the court. Until then, the marriage is still legally binding. 

Sometimes, even if the six-month period has passed, delays in paperwork or final judgments may occur, particularly when spouses are contesting terms or failing to agree on settlement details. Your legal status and plans for the future, including remarriage, will only gain clarity when your divorce decree is issued.  

The Emotional Timeline 

It goes without saying that while the law prescribes a timeline for when you can remarry, the emotional readiness to start a new relationship is an entirely different consideration and uniquely personal. The healing process varies - for some, it may take months; others may take years. 

There's no statutory period for the heart, and in the wake of legal proceedings, self-care and patience will take you a long way towards emotional readiness. 

My firm offers compassionate legal counsel along with the understanding that life outside the courthouse affects the decisions taken inside it. 

Life After Divorce 

While divorce laws are undoubtedly complicated, I strive to be a meaningful resource for Sacramento families, helping you understand the nuances of the process, like the mandatory disclosures and the various statutes that govern family law matters like child custody, child support, and spousal support. 

The thought of remarriage post-divorce may seem like an exciting prospect, or a far-off possibility right now. No matter what, know that you have a solid family law attorney in your community to support your ongoing goals and wishes.  

If you’re newly engaged and ready to start discussing a prenuptial agreement, or any updates you’ll need to make to a custody or a support order, my firm is here to help.  

Why Richard M. Abdallah Is Your Go-To Divorce Attorney 

You deserve a lawyer who gets how personal and unique your case is. And you deserve a lawyer who genuinely cares and gives you one-on-one attention.  

When you hire me, you get a confident ally and seasoned litigator who customizes his approach to make sure it fits just right for your circumstances. Contact my Sacramento divorce and family law firm today with any questions or concerns.