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Child Support Attorney in Sacramento, California

Divorce, or the decision to part ways with your partner, is not just the end of your relationship; it also means your family responsibilities are about to change. This is particularly true if you have kids, regardless of whether you and your partner were ever married. 

Child support is one of the most critical and sometimes confusing, aspects of divorce or a relationship breakdown. 

Abdallah Law, A.P.C. will help you figure out child support within Sacramento, California and surrounding counties. 

Let’s get started with some helpful information for separating parents trying to understand child support. 

Why Is Child Support Necessary?

Child support is a financial obligation designed to meet the needs of a child following the divorce or separation of their parents.

The main goal of child support is to ensure that your child's living standards are not harmed by the change in family circumstances. It covers necessities such as food, clothing, housing, education, medical care, and other relevant child-rearing expenses. 

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How to Determine Child Support Obligations

How much child support will you have to pay? Family law courts use several criteria to determine the amount of child support: 

  1. Income of Both Parents. The incomes of both you and your spouse will be considered to establish your capacity to provide for your child. 

  2. Number of Children. The number of children who require support influences the amount of child support, with higher amounts needed for multiple children. 

  3. Custody Arrangement. The nature of the custody arrangement can impact child support, as primary custodial parents may incur more day-to-day expenses than non-custodial parents.  

  4. State Guidelines. Most states have established formulas or guidelines to calculate child support payments. These rules make sure everyone gets treated fairly and things stay consistent when it comes to child support orders. In California, for instance, child support guidelines are determined by a formula that considers both parents' incomes, the amount of time each parent spends with their child (referred to as "time-share"), and any tax deductions that are available to either parent. This calculation aims to ensure that the child maintains a standard of living like what they would have experienced if their parents had remained together. California courts may also consider expenses related to childcare, health care, and education when setting the child support amount. 

  5. Special Considerations. In addition to the basic calculations, courts often consider factors such as the child's standard of living before the split, the non-custodial parent's ability to pay, and the child's own needs and resources. Special circumstances, like a child's medical condition or educational costs, may also be considered. 

How to Modify Child Support Orders

Child support orders are not set in stone; they can be changed if there are significant changes in circumstances. Losing a job, increase in income, medical emergencies, or changes in your child's needs - could all mean it's time to rethink the child support plan. 

If you’re looking to modify child support payments, you (and your attorney) should present your case to a judge with supporting documentation that reflects the change in circumstances. You must, however, continue following the existing order until the modification is officially approved to avoid legal repercussions. 

How to Deal With Non-Payment of Child Support

Non-payment of child support is a serious matter that can lead to legal consequences, including wage garnishment, fines, or even jail time. If you're having trouble collecting child support, you need to consult an experienced family law attorney like me to explore enforcement options. 

Misconceptions About Child Support

Let’s look at some common misconceptions surrounding child support. 

  • Child Support is a Punishment:
    This is false. Child support is about ensuring that your child's needs are met, not punishing a parent. 

  • Only Fathers Pay Child Support:
    Either parent may be required to pay child support, depending on custody arrangements and differences in income. 

  • Child Support Ends at 18:
    The age at which child support payments stop can vary. In some cases, support may continue through college; in others, it may cease if your child gets married or enlists in the military.  

I Can Help You Move Forward

Keep in mind that the goal of child support is the well-being of your child. It helps maintain normalcy and stability in their life after you and your partner split up. 

While the system may seem complicated, understanding the fundamentals can help you make informed decisions. Clear communication, willingness to find a middle ground, and the support of a compassionate and confident attorney can help you find solutions that serve the best interests of your family.  

What Sets My Practice Apart from Other Child Support Attorneys

As an experienced attorney practicing since 2012, I understand that everyone’s situation is different, which is why my legal solutions are tailored to suit your unique needs.  

I am always available to answer your questions and to explain your options in a way that you can understand.   

I do my best to resolve family legal issues outside of court through mediation and negotiation. These alternative approaches to dispute resolution are often less stressful and less expensive than traditional litigation.  But if negotiation is impossible or if talks break down, I am ready to serve as your staunch advocate in the courtroom. 

Child Support Attorney in Sacramento, California

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